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VentraIP Acquires Netorigin

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VentraIP has acquired Netorigin.

Netorigin clients will be transitioned to one of the VentraIP brands and the Netorigin brand will be retired.

It is good to see that Netorigin customers will still be looked after by a local company but it is a little concerning that the pool of locally owned hosting companies seems to be shrinking.

You can find out more about the acquision on the VentraIP blog.

The Netorigin plans have now been removed from this website.

All New Zuver Web Hosting Plans with SSD and LiteSpeed Cache

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As at January 2019, Zuver have revamped their website with all new hosting plans which include SSD hard drives and LiteSpeed Cache.

You have a choice of Plesk WordPress Shared Web Hosting plans or cPanel Custom Shared Web Hosting plans.

The cPanel Custom Shared Web Hosting plans have a new interface where clients can select the specific Storage, CPU and Memory resources needed. There are also some preset options, "Tiny", "Growth" and "Domination" as suggested configurations.

Phone Support and Acronis Backup are unbundled with a separate cost.

Previously, the minimum cost for 12 months hosting was AU$36 / year. The minimum "Tiny" Plan with 1GB Storage, 100% CPU, 1GB Memory and AutoSSL now costs AU$40 / year.

Feedback on the new Zuver web hosting plans is quite favourable especially since SSL certificates are now being included with all web hosting plans.

With SSD hard drives and LiteSpeed Cache, the new plans are probably the best value web hosting plans in Australia.