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VentraIP announced today that they will retire their budget "Zuver Brand" and Zuver is no longer accepting any new business.

Existing customers can still log in to the regular hosting control panel in the meantime and they will apparently be able to lock in their current pricing for 12 months at some stage but after that it looks like they'll need to pay VentraIP prices.

The minimum Zuver plan was $40 / year although some clients are on legacy $36 / year plans. The minimum VentraIP cPanel hosting plan costs $60 / year at the moment which hopefully won't be too much of a stretch for Zuver clients.

UpTime Web Hosting

Assuming they don't immediately update their prices also, a possible Zuver alternative for some website owners might be https://uptimewebhosting.com.au who have been a reliable host for one of my clients for the last couple of years and their minimum cost plan is $36 / year. You can pay in advance to lock in this pricing for up to three years.

Let me know if you have any other recommendations for a Zuver alternative.

Thanks Zuver for the very affordable hosting you have provided over the years and I am sad to see you go!