Micro Reseller
25 Accounts Maximum
25 GB Disk Space (SSD)
100% CPU per cPanel account
1 GB Memory per cPanel account
100 GB Monthly Data
Free SSL
Unknown Email Accounts
Unknown Email Mailbox Limit
500 Emails / domain / hour
Unlimited Add-on Domains
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited Databases
99.9% SLA
24/7 Local Support
LiteSpeed Cache
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Net Virtue "Micro Reseller" Plan

  • AU$24.95 per month
  • AU$299.40 per year

The Net Virtue "Micro Reseller" Plan is an entry level reseller web hosting plan with WHMCS, LiteSpeed and Free SSL Certificates included and suitable for up to 100 cPanel accounts.

Net Virtue

Net Virtue was founded in 2011 and is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Net Virtue Acceptable Use

Some of the Net Virtue Web Hosting Plans have unlimited features such as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts although clients are still subject to the Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service. The latest versions of these documents can be found at:

Net Virtue Server Locations

Net Virtue clients have a choice of Melbourne or Sydney data centres.

Net Virtue Support

Net Virtue offer 24/7 local support. Response times for support and quality of support are usually fairly good.

Net Virtue Performance

Websites hosted by Net Virtue load quickly especially when LiteSpeed Cache is enabled.

Net Virtue offer a 99.5% uptime guarantee on cPanel Economy and Reseller Hosting Services and a 99.9% uptime guarantee on cPanel Business Hosting Services, Virtual Private Server Services and Dedicated Servers.

Net Virtue Promotions

Net Virtue usually have an introductory offer where web hosting is discounted substantially on your first order. You can prepay up to three years in advance.